Adaptix 3D Veterinary Imaging System at BSAVA CONGRESS 2022

Transforming radiology by bringing low-cost, low-dose, 3D X-ray imaging into your practice.

We are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s BSAVA Congress in Manchester, where we will be presenting our 3D veterinary imaging system.

Visit us on Stand D101 for your chance to do some LIVE 3D imaging on a working unit.

Along with access to information about the benefits and features of our system, our experts will be available both on-stand and online for more in-depth enquiries about our system.

If you are visiting us via the Virtual Congress portal, you can visit our booth.

Please contact us to arrange a face-to-face zoom meeting or for any other product information.


Bringing low-cost, low-dose 3D imaging into your practice

2D is the dominant imaging modality but gives a fundamentally limited view of anatomy.

We are bringing 3D imaging to the point-of-care using portable and low-dose solutions.

The Adaptix 3D veterinary imaging system gives a stack of slices through the patient in 3D from a low-cost, low-dose, mobile device.

The Adaptix 3D veterinary imaging system has a cost and dose similar to existing 2D X-ray systems.

  • Low-cost, low-dose, 3D diagnostic imaging for dental and orthopaedic cases
  • Enhanced diagnostic detail compared to 2D – increased diagnostic confidence
  • Accelerated workflow – full set of dental x-rays in 2 extra-oral acquisitions. No intra-oral detector placement required
  • DT in your existing radiology room – in medical practice DT is proven to reduce referrals to CT saving cost and dose
  • Assessment of long-term ‘life-cycle’ conditions such as arthritis, osteomyelitis and metabolic bone disease
  • Lightweight and compact device
  • No metal streak artefacts as with CT

More information

Please download our BSAVA Congress 2022 pdf for an overview of our low-cost, low-dose, 3D veterinary imaging system.

Point-of-care 3D diagnostic imaging

The portability, low-dose and enhanced diagnostic capability makes our imaging devices the future of clinical point-of-care veterinary imaging.

How it works

We take a series of low dose 2D projections from different positions and use them to reconstruct a 3D overview of the patient using a technique called tomosynthesis.

Reconstructed images are viewed as a stack which can be navigated using the mouse wheel, allowing features at different depths to be viewed independently.

The 3D reconstruction can reduce the need for multiple 2D images and lessens the need for stringent positioning protocols.

  • Acquisition time: < 60 seconds
  • Image reconstruction time: < 30 seconds
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Detector area: 15 * 11cm
  • Product Dimensitons: 35 * 41 * 71 cm (wdh)

More accurate diagnoses and higher profits for your practice

The portability, low-dose and clearer visualisation detail, make our imaging devices the future of clinical point-of-care radiology imaging.

Rapid access to 3D diagnostics

Reduced time for dental acquisitions

Enhanced diagnostic confidence reducing misdiagnosis

Assessment of long-term ‘life-cycle’ conditions such as arthritis

3D diagnostics for similar cost to 2D

Reduced requirement to travel for 3D imaging

Accelerated workflow – fewer acquisitions required

Greatly enhanced diagnostic confidence

Reduced need to refer away

Low cost

Increased practice profitability

Low up front costs, billed on a pay per study basis


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