Adaptix Desktop 3D Ortho Imaging System at ECR 2021

Transforming radiology by bringing low-cost, low-dose 3D X-ray imaging to the point of care.

We are delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s European Congress of Radiology where we will be presenting our desktop 3D ortho imaging system.

Along with access to information about the benefits and features of our system, our experts will also be available for virtual face-to-face zoom meetings for more in-depth enquiries about our system, as well as a live product demonstration and panel Q&A on the 4th March – see details below.

Please contact us to arrange a zoom meeting or for any other product information.

We will also be available to chat via the ECR 2021 EXPO NETWORKING LOUNGE for event delegates throughout the duration of the event.



Bringing 3D imaging to the patient

2D is the dominant imaging modality but gives a fundamentally limited view of anatomy.

We want to bring 3D imaging to the point of care using Adaptix portable and low dose solutions.

The Adaptix desktop 3D ortho imaging system has a cost and dose similar to existing 2D X-ray systems.

  • Point-of-Care, low-cost, low-dose 3D diagnostic imaging of extremities
  • Accelerated workflow
  • Enhanced diagnostic confidence
  • Reduced need to move or refer patients
  • Ability to do weight bearing foot imaging
  • Compact device
  • Acqusition time: < 5 seconds
  • Image reconstruction time: < 20 seconds
  • Weight of mini C-arm: 15 kg
  • Detector area: 15*11cm Version 1

Easy rotation between hand/elbow imaging
and weight bearing foot imaging.


Benefits to patient care pathway

The portability, low-dose and clearer visualisation detail, make our imaging devices the future of clinical point-of-care radiology imaging.


Faster time to diagnosis

Faster time to treatment

Lower risk of misdiagnosis, reducing suffering / or lost income

Lower cost of imaging

Fewer additional procedures

Lower litigation cost

Reduced time to treat

Lower risk of litigation

Eliminate need to refer out to 3rd party imaging

More information

Please download our ECR 2021 information booklet for an overview of our low-dose desktop 3D ortho imaging system.

Demonstration and panel discussion

4th March 16.30-17.00 CET

Join us here on the 4th March where we will be presenting a demonstration of our 3D ortho imaging system, followed by a panel discussion.

The panel:

Mark Evans, Adaptix Chief Executive Officer.

Dr Steve Wells, Adaptix Vice President of Technology.

Dr Sian Philips, Consultant Radiologist CTM University Health Board, Associate Dean and Head of School for Radiology, Health Education and Improvement Wales. (Adaptix Medical Advisor).

Dr Conrad Dirckx, Adaptix Director of Product Management.

To find out more about our panellists, please click here


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