Adaptix 3D intraoral X-ray imaging technology at International Dental Show 2021

Transforming radiology by bringing low-cost, low-dose 3D X-ray imaging to the point of care.

We are delighted to be exhibiting at IDS 2021 where we will be presenting our 3D intraoral X-ray imaging technology

Along with access to information about the benefits and features of our system, our experts will be available to meet you face-to-face at the show.

Please come and see us in Hall 11.1 Stand J040 where we would be happy to talk through our amazing technology.


Bringing 3D imaging to your patients

2D intraoral X-ray is the dominant imaging modality in dentistry but gives a fundamentally limited view of anatomy.

We are bringing 3D imaging to the chairside, using Adaptix’s portable and low-dose solution.

The Adaptix 3D system generates a stack of slices through the teeth in 3D from an arm-mounted device.

The Adaptix 3D system has a dose similar to existing 2D X-ray systems at a lower cost than CBCT systems.

  • Low-dose 3D intraoral bitewing and periapical imaging at the chairside
  • Accelerated workflow
  • Can be moved between operators (cart-mounted option)
  • Reduced need to refer patients away to CBCT
  • Earlier detection and enhanced diagnostic confidence
  • Acquisition time ~5 secs
  • First reconstructed image available in <10 secs. Full dataset in <1min.
  • Used with size 1 and size 2 intraoral sensors
  • Cart, chair and wall mounted configuration will be available

Revolutionary X-ray generation technology

The unique flat panel X-ray source at the heart of the system contains a 2D array of cold cathode sources that enables 3D image generation without any moving parts. See here for more details.

System benefits

Compact imaging device that can be used in exactly the same way as your existing intraoral X-ray system (cart, wall or chair mounted options will be available)

Enhanced diagnostic detail in 3D slices enables quantitative analysis

Low-dose imaging enables repeat imaging studies to monitor disease progression and response to therapy

No metal streak artefacts

Higher in-plane resolution than CBCT



More accurate diagnoses and higher profits for your practice

The portability, low-dose and clearer visualisation detail make our imaging devices the future of clinical chairside dental X-ray imaging.

  • Earlier diagnosis reduces need to “drill and fill”
  • Enables more treatment with local dentist
  • State of the art imaging: increases confidence
  • 3D imaging at lower cost than CBCT
  • Earlier intervention enables lower cost treatment
  • Greatly enhanced diagnostic confidence
  • Reduces need to refer away for CBCT imaging
  • Increases ability to treat difficult cases in the practice (e.g. 3rd molar extraction)
  • Earlier intervention enables lower cost treatment

More information

Please download our IDS 2021 information booklet for an overview of our low-dose, intraoral 3D X-ray imaging technology.

Come and see us on stand to discover more

Please come and see us in Hall 11.1 Stand J040 where we would be happy to talk through our amazing technology.

Our on-stand experts

Dr Conrad Dirckx, Adaptix Director of Product Management.

Steve Whitaker, Adaptix Senior Mechanical Engineer

Kate Renforth, Adaptix Imaging Scientist



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