The Adaptix Insta3D Ortho is built for overcoming specific orthopaedic challenges, with enhanced benefits including;

Point-of-Care 3D diagnostic imaging

Accelerated workflow

Enhanced diagnostic confidence

Reduced need to move or refer patents

Point-of-Care 3D imaging replacing 2D imaging as first-line diagnostic to decrease workflow time and increase diagnostic confidence, in particular in non-displaced fractures to reduce: unnecessary immobilisation, referral to fracture clinic or missed diagnosis. Reducing need to transit patient through hospital.


  • Low-flux 3D
  • Compact form factor
  • Small footprint

Point-of-Care 3D imaging for pre- and post-operative assessment on the clinicians desktop to prevent having to refer for diagnostic imaging to reduce workflow time.


  • Low-flux 3D
  • Compact form factor
  • Small footprint

Product Details

  • Acqusition time: < 5 seconds
  • Image reconstruction time: < 20 seconds
  • Weight of mini C-arm: 15 kg
  • Detector area: 15*11cm Version 1
  • Options:
    Vertical mounting to allow to move easily between standing foot to arm or standing shoulder acquisitions.
Orthopaedics image

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