Patent-protected technology that allows low-cost, low-dose 3D imaging as an alternative to 2D X-ray

Adaptix is transforming radiology by bringing to market an addressable Flat Panel X-ray Source (FPS) with a multitude of individually addressable emitters with integrated power supply (known as a ‘monoblock’) – essentially we are ‘digitizing’ the source to complete the digitization of the imaging system.

Our patent-protected technology enables fast 3D imaging from a stationary source at a significantly lower dose than CT. The FPS is designed to allow 3D image formation by means of Digital Tomosynthesis using existing generations of Detectors and Workstations, allowing a system price point similar to that of current 2D systems.

Adaptix was founded by experts in radiation production, medical devices and bringing technology out of the lab and into the clinic. Our team includes hardware, software, business, project and product leaders backed by internationally recognised experts

Our vision is that our technology will enable low-dose 3D X-ray imaging to be cheaper, more widely available and truly portable throughout the world’s clinics and hospitals.

This is of value to Patient, Physician and Payer, by replacing 2D imaging with more accurate 3D imaging, and allowing that more accurate diagnosis to be at the Point-of-Care, reducing the need to move patients or refer to 3D imaging.

For clinicians, our innovative technology provides wide-ranging benefits, from low-cost, low-dose, truly portable 3D imaging, to image acquisition within 5 seconds with image reconstruction in less than 60 seconds;

  • 3D at the bedside / chairside in the treatment room
  • Fixed DT can avoid 70-80% of escalation to CT (chest imaging) and dramatically reduced patient dose, bring that to the bedside could transform patient care
  • Enhanced sensitivity versus 2D
  • Reduced false negatives versus 2D
  • Reduced patient dose on a population basis
  • New offer: Portable 3D to replace portable 2D
  • Digital Tomosynthesis (‘DT’) disrupted the breast imaging market, with the early adopter (Hologic) seizing a dominance that lasts even after competitors have achieved technological parity. DT is now entering the fixed radiology market (GE, AGFA, Shimadzu, FujiFilm) but it is imaging at the bedside that could be the next disruption
  • Defend against low-cost Asian competition in 2D market (where patents have expired)
  • Buy-in to an onward pathway of innovation – next stop … colour imaging
Completing the digitisation of X-ray imaging to allow truly portable low-dose 3D imaging

Completing the digitisation of the system allows ‘Digital Tomosynthesis’ (‘DT’) – low dose 3D imaging – with no moving parts. DT, in the context of fixed systems, has transformed Breast Imaging and shown an ability to materially reduce the need to escalate patients to CT.

Our FPS allows DT systems to be truly portable and low cost – freeing 3D imaging to be deployed at the bed- or chair-side, and one day in ambulances.  In summary, we allow truly portable low-dose low-cost 3D to be taken to the Point-of-Care and avoiding the need to take the patient to radiology.

Quality and Regulatory

Our mission is to enable low-cost, portable, 3D X-ray devices that improve the diagnosis of patients. To do this, we are developing products in accordance with ISO 13485:2016, driven by a risk focussed approach based on ISO 14971:2019.

We will comply with the relevant sections of IEC-60601-1 for our hardware; IEC 62304 for our software.

Our aim is to grow and evolve our Quality Management System to support potential customer market location requirements, including the United States (FDA), Europe (MDR 2017/745), Japan, China and South Korea.

Adaptix Limited implements and maintains an effective Quality Management System designed to enable the delivery of innovative low dose digital tomosynthesis Flat Panel X-ray medical devices and related services.  We aim to ensure that we consistently exceed customer expectations and to address customer satisfaction through the effective setting of company objectives including continual improvement and the prevention of nonconformity.

The Company’s directors and all staff are committed to complying with the regulatory and safety requirements applicable to medical devices and related services and to ensure the continual effectiveness of our Quality Management System. Click here to read our Quality Policy.

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