The Adaptix desktop 3D ortho imaging system has a cost and dose similar to existing 2D X-ray systems.

Point-of-Care, low-cost, low-dose 3D diagnostic imaging of extremities

Accelerated workflow

Enhanced diagnostic confidence

Reduced need to move or refer patents

Ability to do weight bearing foot imaging

Compact device. Mini C-arm weight <20kg


Product Details

  • Acqusition time: < 5 seconds
  • Image reconstruction time: < 20 seconds
  • Weight of mini C-arm: 15 kg
  • Detector area: 15*11cm Version 1
  • Options:
    Vertical mounting to allow to move easily between standing foot to arm or standing shoulder acquisitions.

This project is supported by the European Space Agency, as part of an ESA Business Applications project.

Orthopedics image

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