Adaptix to show transformational 3D imaging in live-demo on stand

BSAVA Congress is the embodiment of small animal veterinary medicine. It delivers industry leading content and the latest evidence-based science. Adaptix is a Congress Gold Partner and will be showing its transformational 3D point-of-care imaging on the booth. Clinicians will have the opportunity to image dry bones at the congress and see how this truly novel system can transform diagnostic capability and the economics of delivering routine dental and orthopedic procedures.

Mark Evans, stated: Adaptix’s point-of-care veterinary system is ultra-low-flux and so (when appropriately shielded) can safely be demonstrated on-booth in a busy Congress hall. This low-dose transformation allows a transformation as to diagnostic capability at the point-of-care. Subject to the approval of the practices Radiation Protection Advisor, the Adaptix system can be deployed in a treatment room, meaning that the clinician has the diagnostic power of 3D without moving the patient, or having to refer away.

The Adaptix transformation is made up of several elements: First is 3D at the point-of-care and the second is a business model transformation that will support a move to automated diagnostic overlays to better support clinicians and remove capital costs as a barrier to having the latest capability in a practice. The Adaptix veterinary imaging system is designed to change the economics of 3D imaging – unlike CT or MR, it does not require its own shielded room, does not require any structural modifications (such as required to bear the weight of a CT or MRI) and does not require 3-phase power – this is a 3D imaging system with a 20 minute installation time. Most importantly it can be deployed through a practice to fit in with clinical workflows.

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