OXFORD, U.K., Dec. 11, 2023 – Imaging technology company Adaptix Limited (Adaptix) featured in the UK Government Advanced Manufacturing Plan.

Through the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), the government funds groundbreaking aerospace research and development to keep the UK at the cutting edge of aerospace technology development.  As part of the Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Plan, Adaptix have been chosen as an exemplar case study, exactly demonstrating the UK’s innovation ambitious, technological capability and strategy for UK economic impact and job creation..

It is within the aerospace sector that Adaptix leads fast-acquisition, 3D X-ray inspection, reducing the aerospace bottleneck and with this ATI project, robot-mounting the capability and moving to Digital Twins and NDE4.0. It is anticipated that this capability scale-up will unlock 3D X-ray inspection for large parts such as wings, doors and skins.

Andy Barnes, AdaptixNDE’s Managing Director stated: “We’re translating a highly innovative hardware solution from healthcare into aerospace, allowing us to inspect where other methods simply can’t.  This means an earlier first point-of-inspection during manufacture and through-life with a consistent digital output. Our ATI funded R&D project is really exciting for us as we challenge the current norms and show how innovation can disrupt and improve current methods and in so, achieve a more sustainable process.”

About Adaptix and AdaptixNDE

Adaptix Limited is transforming radiology through the development of innovative fast-acquisition, low-flux, deployable Digital Tomosynthesis 3D X-ray with applications across a multitude of global markets.


AdaptixNDE  are taking this technology into Aerospace composites where non-destructive evaluation (NDE) is dominated by ultrasonics for speed, cost and portability benefits.  This is because the aspirational Computed Tomography 3D X-ray is too prohibitive because of high-cost (and running/maintenance cost), -weight, -power, and slow-speed.  AdaptixNDE are offering 3D internal visualisation at the point of diagnostics earlier in manufacture and through-life with a consistent digital output facilitating Digital Twins and NDE4.0. https://adaptixnde.com/


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