General Radiology (due 2022)

The Adaptix Insta3D Chest is built for overcoming specific radiological challenges, with enhanced benefits including;

Truly portable 3D imaging, allowing easy deployment at the bedside.

The ability to acquire a 3D image without moving the patient from the bed they are in.

An ‘open architecture’ facilitating easy cleansing between patients.

Low-cost and small foot-print with a need for single-phase power only increasing deployment options.

3D images as an alternative to 2D enable better visualisation of common conditions such as Pulmonary edema, Pneumothorax / hemothorax and features associated with COVID-19 and differential diagnosis of such.

Reducing the need to transfer patients within the hospital to access 3D imaging is of value in reducing transmission risk and the loss of CT availability due to c cleansing.

3D images at the bedside allow easier confirmation of the placement of lines and drains, making it easier to confirm avoidance of ‘never events’; such as the misplacement of NG tubes.

Having 3D imaging in the ITU/ICU will reduce the need to transport patients to CT with the commensurate risk to patient and deployment of clinical resources.

The outcome of COVID-19 will place a significant imaging burden on pulmonary outpatient services, offering enhanced chest imaging capability offers the prospect of reducing the load on CT fleets.

General Radiology image

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